Shaving my head…..postponed

Shaving my head.....postponed

…. because I love how awesome my hair is right now! I am definitely still buzzing all of my hair but my 5 year old son just did and I don’t think I want us to match lol. I love my Mohawk and shaved bangs

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Face Yoga

Has anyone tried the Face Yoga Method?

I fell in love with Fumiko’s videos on Youtube and I’m going to try the 28 day challenge. I mostly want to try it because I want to define my jawline a bit more. I find in profile under my chin is quite low and undefined. Also from a couple elbows to the eye area from my teenage years as a cheerleader, one eye brow is lower and eye lid is more hooded. It’s not a big deal too me and I don’t normally notice it but I’m almost 31 and starting to want to take care of my face and skin more. I never thought about exercising my face muscles even though it makes sense since we work on every other part of our bodies when we want to get toned.

Will update my results

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Bleached Leggings

Leggings, leggings, leggings. So many different designs, so comfy, so pretty and easy.IMG_6300 (4) I wear a lot of them when I teach circus classes but I don’t actually wear a lot of leggings day to day but I want to change that. I have seen so many beautiful ones on Pinterest designed by cutting, painting, bleaching. I decided to try out some bleaching designs.

I picked a pair of black leggings and rolled up some cardboard cereal boxes and stuffed them in the legs so the bleach wouldn’t run through the other side. I mixed bleach with water, half and half. Before I started painting with the bleach I used some chalk to lightly plot out a basic idea of my design. You could put in every detail with the chalk if you wanted and then just trace over it with the bleach. I found that using a thin paint brush and dipping it in the bleach and following and expanding the pattern was pretty easy.

The only thing I didn’t expect was the fabric didn’t absorb the liquid very quickly so I would put extra but then when it did absorb it was too wet and ended up bleeding more than I expected. I left it on for quite a while and let it dry. Then I rinsed it off in the tub with cold water and poured some white vinegar on them to neutralize the bleach.

The next day I took them off the clothes line and thought it would be fun to try out a bleach pen recipe to add some lighter highlights to the design. I researched some recipes because I don’t like going to the store and buying expensive things if I already have things  I can use instead.

In a sauce pan I mixed 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with a cup of water over med high heat until it came to a boil. It becomes a thick gel. Let it cool completely. Then I added 6 tablespoons of bleach. I didn’t have any good squeeze containers so I just dipped my paint brush in it and painted it on. It took longer to lighten then the other mixture but it stayed in place better. I left it on until it dried and washed them like before.

I was surprised that they lightened to a pink color instead of orange but I like them. I will definitely do it again because its a fun and easy way to personalize some clothing.

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Faux Stained Glass Window

IMG_6329 (2)

This turned out better than expected. It makes the bathroom so bright and pretty.

An easy project for more privacy in the bathroom. This would not have worked if I couldn’t take this window completely out and lay it flat.

I washed and dried the window and then with a dry erase marker I drew my pattern on the OUTSIDE of the window. I did it mostly free hand except using a large meter stick for the longer lines and a round jar cover for the circles. I then flipped it around so that I could look down and see the pattern and not worry about it getting erased as I worked.

I added a few drops of black acrylic paint to some basic white glue and mixed it right in the original glue container (there wasn’t much glue in the bottle so it didn’t take much paint). I squeezed the glue out and followed the pattern. It was a little messy and runnier than I liked so it bled quite a bit in some spots so next time I might thicken it some how. A little bleeding was good though because I think it makes it look more like stained glass. As it was drying I used a razor blade to sharpen edges and fix mistakes.

When it was completely dry I filled in all the spaces with acrylic paint mixed with a clear coat because I was worried about it being too dark. I ended up skipping that and did a few coats of each colour without adding the clear to it. I wasn’t too fussy and neat with the colours because when they dried I went back over my black lines with black paint to clean it all up. I didn’t prime or finish it with anything because I want it to be removable.

I love how this turned out and at night it glows so bright from outside. I like that it will last a long time but if I want to change the pattern or do something different all together I can just scrape it off or soak it in water and remove it.

What do you think?

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Fridge makeover….DIY chalkboard paint

The fridge has been leaking for a long time now. You’d think I’d remember to look for puddles before stepping in one on a daily basis with my sock feet. We really want to replace this fridge with a small retro style one but that’ll be a ways away. We thought painting this one with chalkboard paint would at least make us like it more in the meantime.

I researched recipes for chalkboard paint because there was no way I’d pay for the expensive stuff. A lot of people on line said to use latex paint mixed with un-sanded grout. I thought latex paint would be a bad idea because it would be easily scratched off. I went with a Rust Alkyd interior/exterior paint which seems very strong and durable so far.

Before and After:


My sons art work 🙂 He loves it. I think I’m going to give him the front door as his space and the rest for grown ups.


Some simple steps if you want to try it too: Continue reading

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Why is it still so cold?! We decided that it would be fun to paint our fridge with chalkboard paint. I’m making it myself with grout and I’m using an oil based paint so all the windows are open for some needed ventilation. It’s only 4 degrees Celsius and cloudy. I think daily doses of Vitamin D is the only think keeping me sane after this long winter and very late start to warmer weather.

Pictures of the fridge coming soon! (With no complaining about the weather, I promise)

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I have dreadlocks …….. but I’m not a dirty hippie!

Yes I have dreadlocks. Yes I wash them. Yes it’s actually my real hair……..well most of it. No I don’t have to shave my head when I want to get rid of them…..but guess what ………….I’M GOING TO! Image

I became a hairstylist over 10 years ago and have given lots of other people dreadlocks. I’ve always wanted a full head of long pretty dreadlocks myself but I change my hair so much that I knew I’d get bored with them pretty quick. I’ve been slowly adding dreads to my hair for the last 2 or 3 years. It started with one and then another…and then another until the bottom half of my hair was all dreaded. I used the twist and rip method at first and then the crochet method. No wax, I hate waxed dreads. I decided a few months ago to dreadlock everything except my bangs and the side of my head that was shaved. I relocated a few by adding old ones on the ends of some new ones. You can see a couple pics on my Instagram from when they are brand new. Thankfully with the method I used they look pretty good right away. I knew when I got bored with them I would cut the bottom halves off and comb out the rest. It would take a long time but that was ok with me because there is no way that I would have short hair so it’d be worth it.

So why am I shaving my head? Continue reading

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Wow! My very first blog post. I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time!

I want to share the things I love doing and maybe a few things I don’t 🙂

I love teaching Circus Arts and the challenge of learning new things. I love fashion, hair and makeup. I love creating upcycled jewelry, shoes and clothing. Henna Tattoos! I love painting and drawing. There are so many things I love to do and many more I want to try. I feel like having this outlet will help me focus and grow as an Artist. I have learned so much from others online and maybe I can help others with what I’ve learned from trial and error and not backing down from a challenge.

I hope to meet new friends and learn from this WordPress community.



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